Thursday, May 31, 2018

an aunt & some nieces — a trip to ott's exotic plants this month.

a must-visit place in our area is ott's exotic plants in schwenksville; i visited there twice in early may with two of my nieces and then again with one of the same nieces and another one.

the initial trip's photos are by me and lillee grace. i've been teaching my young nieces and encouraging them with photography in the past few years. i figured learning the skill and trusting themselves all the sooner in this world is probably a useful approach. and why the hell not. we need strong, capable, creative adults a few decades from now, anyway.

a haiku, for some good fun.


a house of textures
we glide fingertips along
foliage, soft blooms

a second trip in mid-may: these photos are by me, lillee grace, and lilly jay.

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