Monday, May 21, 2018

this sunday — a poetry-collaging workshop at culture den in st. peter's village.

if you're looking for a bit of fun near some rocks and creek water next to a bakery this weekend, a poetry-collaging workshop at culture den in st. peter's village might be well worth putting together a sunday adventure.

this workshop is lined up for all last sundays of upcoming months from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. from may through august. 

may 27 - june 24 - july 29 - august 26

to not discourage anyone from participating in consideration of how life is expensive and hard to keep afloat in financially sometimes, we're not directly charging for this workshop. but for those who can afford to support my teaching efforts as a visiting instructor and also the costs to run culture den, in the vein of the art of asking by amanda palmer of the dresden dolls, we'd greatly appreciate money-geared backing. we hope it might be a balance to help across those who can and can't afford to pay for our value. and this workshop has been enthusiastically enjoyed several times across this and other venues in recent months.

we'll be supplying all needed materials, but those who join us are welcome to bring any of their own as well to make their collages even more individualized and custom. and particularly awesome.

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