Tuesday, August 1, 2017

river poems and a plenty full river in mont clare at lock 60 in late july.

our traveling poetry class in late july by the river in mont clare, montgomery county, right next to phoenixville, chester county, stood to be the most busy we've seen in terms of noticing others out appreciating the water and its nearby canal. but as much as we like having the banks to ourselves, we were so happy to see people out in the water in kayaks and fishing, not just glued eye-wise to televisions, computers, tablets, and cell phones in these modern days of a technology-everything world. it is wonderful to glimpse people literally soaking up the goodness of the natural environment.

and i'd never seen people literally in the canal before, at least not that i can recall. so there are some scenes of that below.

we also ate some of my heirloom sungold tomatoes and enjoyed a blend of people and cultures to observe in their outings. and that includes some music not native to this country. there's also a bag of wishes below, little seedpods from thistle to blow on for what we hope for in the world. very childhood memory-stirring, at least for me.

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