Tuesday, August 22, 2017

let's rant: pet peeves—a call for submissions from studio b in boyertown, berks county & a berks bards' first thursday writing theme.

initial information here is shared from studio b in boyertown, berks county.

any questions about this call for submissions can be sent to jane e. stahl who serves as this gallery's director of community relations. see below.


the writer's challenge for 2018:

let's rant: pet peeves

(think of what drives you absolutely batty, and run with it in word-form.)


yup, it’s time for a little venting. we all have pet peeves—persons, places, or things that drive us crazy.

opening and book release: the opening for studio b’s 5th annual exhibit and book release combining visual and literary art is scheduled for march 16, 2018. we hope you will submit several pieces of your work. copies of the books will be available for purchase in addition to artwork.

theme: this year’s challenge is to respond to people, occasions, things, or ideas that “drive you crazy.” perhaps your response will include a piece of advice or insight for those who will follow you. now that you are older and wiser, consider what you might advise your “younger self.”

feel free to let loose with swashbuckling passion…offer a comic’s sharp satiric edge…or consider offering your “bitters” in a softer, gentler tone—the sugar that lets the medicine go down.

s—submission details: send 1 or 2 your pieces of writing—poetry or prose—to jane e. stahl at janeEstahl@comcast.net as a microsoft word document or inside an email message by friday, december 1, 2017. no PDFs, please. again, the deadline is friday, december 1, 2017. also, be sure to include a short biography about yourself in 3 to 5 sentences. 

EDIT & UPDATE—the deadline for this studio b call for submissions was extended to monday, january 15, 2018. good news, admittedly. 

studio b will also be hosting a prose and poetry reading for this event on sunday, april 8, 2018 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. for those who submit their writing and anyone who wants to be a part of hearing these works read by their authors; the event will be in april to celebrate national poetry month.

and as a way to promote this call for submissions as well as this theme for an even wider reach of writings, berks bards, also in berks county, will have a theme of pet peeve poems for its first thursday event at goggleworks in the city of reading on thursday, february 1, 2018 at 6 p.m. berks bards sometimes has featured poets before these community open mics, but the february event will be all about pet peeves in poem-form from the local community. those who are from farther away are welcome, too. so if you are interested in studio b's call for submissions, you can submit by the december deadline and bring your work to share with berks bards in the likely chilly weather of early february. any questions about the community open mic in february can be sent to berksbards@gmail.com.

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