Monday, May 8, 2017

celebrating national poetry month at brookeside montessori in bechtelsville, berks county.

in april, i visited several classrooms at brookeside montessori in bechtelsville, berks county, to teach animal poems for national poetry month. 

working from my animal poems to help students remember their own stories worth shaping into original poems, some creatures in the kids' writings were foxes, birds, dogs, butterflies, and even water-loving whales.

you can eye-peruse photography of me with the students on the school's website here.

below is a collaborative preschool poem about worms. all of the preschoolers signed it. i wish the colored pencil pressings had scanned a bit better. but this multi-author poem became one of the most fun pieces of of writing of the morning. 

and then there are some more scenes of other freshly crafted poems by students. their enthusiasm to share stories from their minds kept plenty of zeal moving in celebrating what we know and combining it with poetry and matching drawings, too.

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