Saturday, May 13, 2017

candy shop poems in my traveling poetry class in early may 2017.

in early may, we had a smaller traveling poetry class than usual but still enjoyed our afternoon plenty because, well, it involved a candy shop. we sat in the red-painted chairs at the front of the peppermint stick candy store in boyertown. my niece, lillee grace hetrick, joined us and tested out reading some poems which we had with us. she also tested out salted black licorice from holland. you can see her squirming-faced reaction to it below. it is not necessarily palatable to everyone, many of us know. but there are people out there who love it, i'm sure, or at least like it a bit, including one of my students who purchased some to take home.

lillee grace also assisted with a good amount of the photography, as i am one to use savoring-heart moments to encourage my youngest nieces to see their own abilities with what a good camera can do when a slyly curious mind is behind its lens.

and we did read a non-candy shop poem, one by marilyn klimcho of berks bards, for my community poetry feature. it just seemed very worth sharing, and thankfully, she gave us permission to let everyone have a copy to read in the summer talk of flower-thinking.

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