Tuesday, August 20, 2019

september & december 2019 poetry readings via berks bards; words on shirts.

it's always another blur into more and more days as each new week passes, in our overly busy american lives nowadays; we had a plentiful calendar for bard fest 2019 in april as berks bards. continuing with our monthly first thursday event at goggleworks center for the arts in the city of reading, here is information on upcoming featured poet readings before our regular open mics afterward.

always check out http://berksbards.blogspot.com for updated information for events hosted by berks bards.


and also at goggleworks center for the arts, the eclipse poem i shared two posts ago is something i made as a poem on a shirt earlier this year, while my fellow students mostly worked from drawn designs they made. below are some examples of my approach through a screenprinted t-shirt workshop with instructor abby ryder. this was my second time putting one of my poems on a shirt, a new concept people are liking, i've noticed.

i''ve been calling this words on shirts, aside from poems on shirts, poetry on shirts, etc.

here you'll see my second shirt design, followed by my first from late 2018 when i first took the workshop with my now 11-year-old nephew; i took the second this spring with my 11-year-old niece. it's definitely a nice way to spend time learning a new skill with somebody you love while also creating.


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