Saturday, October 28, 2017

a bat poem.

as a postcard-writing type, i send a few postcards out per week and have quite a collection (literary quotes, artist portraits, animal art, food art, american girl dolls (found at a stand at zern's), vintage french instructional charts, and i forget what else. jane austen character zombie postcards and naughty little naked people were my favorites, but alas, i've needed to cut back on my postcard-buying for perhaps obvious reasons. ha. so i'm using what i have until it's gone, aside from when i visit historical places and scoop up their tourist kinds.

below are scenes by a friend's son; he goes to college in philadelphia and kindly replied to a poetry prompt, which i don't send to everybody, but i had a feeling he would.


sidebar: according to the united states department of agriculture's forest service, more than 300 species of fruits depend on bats for pollinating to happen in the way that's needed for them to grow. plus, eating bugs so they don't overtake us is pretty cool.

my favorite lines in the poem are–

  • key difference; they bite you, i don't
  • (i also recycle)
  • if you could only see our bones, we're exactly the same 

and talk of the bat's pal billy. good stuff.

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