Wednesday, September 13, 2017

mall poems and other kinds in early september.

our time at the coventry mall in pottstown, chester county, in our last traveling poetry class led to some interesting conversations and observations. the mall and shopping cultures have really taken on some shifts and revivals in recent years.

although we ended up going over some non-mall poetry after a first poem, and that's quite okay and a welcome thing sometimes during class. 

it was curious to see how the mall has changed in recent decades, especially since i don't go shopping often. so many shops have changed out, but not all of them. a salad place is there, but the same long-lived penn steak & fries and corrado's pizza are still mainstays. since we camped out in the food court, that's where our focus played.

after the first poem below, pulled from the interwebs, the rest are scoops of eye-scenes by my student janice meindl from her time in a creative writing class she took at RACC in recent years, and the instructor had told her she ought to dive into poetry. this is what led her to hunt for a class like what i teach, and we're very grateful for the spirit of janice's words and demeanor as another voice in our get-togethers.


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