Wednesday, June 8, 2016

stuffed grape leaves in haiku-speak.

in between an interview about the trucking industry and then some banking errands, i stopped at icreate café in pottstown for the stuffed grape leaves which i love and crave fiercely sometimes. i believe the warm, rice-filled middles are blended with dill and mint, and the grape leaves themselves are soaked in lemon juice, which is a big part of the lure for me. i love the taste of lemon to desperate degrees. the tehini sauce makes each dollop of a dip so worth it before the eventual two bites it takes to eat one of these parsley-topped musts.

not one to write haiku often, i seem to be on a proverbial roll with this form of poem lately. i must be butter. below is a haiku about this palate-savvy appetizer.


lemon-laced, a chomp 
factor hides in such quiet 
bites—stuffed grape leaves, nommm


a few months ago, the café landed some parking spots for customers nearby, too, so that street parking is not the only option. that's a very nice perk in a borough, and so is the rewards program (bellycard) where you can earn free baba ghannoj and toasted pita bread or smoothies just for enjoying a meal there. it's natural to be an advocate of such a community-hugging, food-loving place. the café is located at 130 king street in pottstown, and the parking spots for it are in a lot which is slightly diagonally across the street.

and in april, when my class the pull of poems became a traveling poetry class, we had our first fresh day on our own at this café.

many of the customers of the café aren't vegetarians or vegans, even though a good amount of them are. for the ones who do eat meat, they like to use the café as a good off-meat day, and i can say from my own love of foul habb there that it keeps me full for 5 to 6 hours afterward. yowsa, indeed. fava beans will do that to you because of the protein-rich persuasion of their background.

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