Thursday, June 23, 2016

postcard poetry by heather h. thomas, the third poet laureate of berks county.

the idea of sharing poetry on postcards popped into my life twice in one week, thanks to barbara tucker and now also heather h. thomas. after i mailed her my moon garden haiku on a postcard, thomas mailed me some more moon-words in return, also on a postcard.

thomas is the third poet laureate of berks county and a retired english professor from kutztown university. since retiring, she taught poetry at t.e.a. factory in the city of reading, berks county. she also teaches poetry and other forms of creative writing at goggleworks, which is in the city of reading, too.

the opening lines on her postcard are inspired by  lalleshwari (in her proverbial day, people also knew her as lal ded and lalla) who lived in india from 1320 to 1392.

these postcard-inked words below are a perfect example of how just a few almost-sentences can tug at the spirit of the bones within us easily, quickly, and exactingly.

moon-thinking is always a benefit for the insides, at least from what i've gleaned. 

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