Wednesday, June 22, 2016

a birdz in the bath haiku by maryann neblock.

a friend named maryann neblock in downingtown, chester county, eye-perused this blog and stumbled across some of the haiku on here, and she also recently caught sight of whimsical scenes of winged ones in her backyard. since i am the one who points out this sort of thing (what you just said is a poem !! write it down ! ... no, i mean it. write it down right now so you don't forget it and lose it.) in any conversation because people often don't even realize they're saying something very rich in beautiful language tossings, i told her that everything she'd noted was her own poetry.

"there's a bluebird in the birdbath and a goldfinch on the feeder," neblock said.

see ??? poetry. absolute poetry. 

the alliteration of the b-b and the f-f, along with the rest of the sounds and rollercoaster movements and shapes of the letters in the words in the painting out of all of this in what she vocalized is just richly poetic and easily heart-hugging.

( while this is not a bluebird feather, a blue jay 
feather served as the closest blue-ish feather to 
photograph for this since sticking around at the bath
wasn't too likely for too long for any winged ones. )

not long after this, neblock sent me a haiku which she wrote from these observations in the minutes of her afternoon. she noted that the title of the haiku is a play on the 1991 film boyz in the hood, starring cuba gooding, jr. hear it ? boyz in the hood. birdz in the bath. then there's also an amusing acoustic reworked version of an eazy-e song by dynamite hack from 2000 which has this name as its title, too.

here is neblock's freshly penned haiku.


Birdz in the Bath
By Maryann Neblock

Birds flit in the bath, 
the sun dries their wings in flight. 
Blue and yellow awe.

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