Thursday, June 22, 2017

farm-food café poetry in my traveling poetry class this june.

earlier in june, my traveling poetry class ventured to kutztown to check out the newly opened HIVE, a café supported meal ingredient-wise by local farmers and food producers, including from the land of the eatery's owners. finding farm-supported café poems for some of our inspiration, besides the scenery around us, was not easy. so we read a café poem and then a farm poem. and then we worked on making our own new, combined versions.

here are some eye-scenes from the visit, followed by a student's poem.

[Closed Caption Café]
By Sam Traten

[Bottle knocked off table, crashing sound --chatter nearby]
Overheard from an adjacent group, “She never liked me, said I was too forward.

“I’m friendly with everybody. Like, what’s she mean? Her
Boyfriend? So I changed my roommate to Alexa.” [Loudly]

[Café radio blares alternative music]
Our group strains to hear our spoken poems

read aloud in hushed tones, with as much expression
as conditions allow. Some words lost or misheard.

Confusion. [Outside a delivery van revs up]
But, look, our well-made lunch dishes arrive

and are expertly placed on the tall table.
Delicious! Small annoyances are swept away.

A new patron arrives and sits closely nearby.
(All tables are nearby)

Alone, she closely focuses on her laptop,
Perhaps working on a college class paper.

Pretends, or genuinely through concentration,
not to hear our offer of sauces from our table.

[More undecipherable chatter]
Were it not for the general exclamations of

“What?” “Would you repeat that?” “I’m sorry”
I would have felt my age has now moved me on to hearing impaired.

[Cash register rings. Chairs shuffle, footsteps to door, door opens, shuts]
Today’s horoscope reads: You don't expect people to be what they are not. Everyone is quirky. You

realize this and act accordingly.
[Cafes can be quirky, too. No matter]

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