Monday, April 25, 2016

poetry with jennifer hetrick begins.

welcome to this new blog of poetry with jennifer hetrick. if you swoon for words and line breaks, you might just want to hug the screen here for a moment and come back later to see more of the fun spilling its persuasion out all over this digital place.

scenes and sets of words from teaching poetry in southeastern pennsylvania across age groups of children all the way to seniors will continue to stir a little evolution through language and eye-scooping on the blog as well as the facebook page.

please also feel free to glimpse the poetry project which kickstarted a lot of this independent, community-reaching effort. it's called the labors of our fingertips: poems from manufacturing history in berks county and will involve three volumes. the first volume came out in septmber 2015, and copies are still available for purchase.

if you have any curiosity-weaving questions, please feel free to email me:, and if you have some positives to throw around, you are welcome to comment below or on the facebook page. and onward with poem-words.

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